cole & sons was founded in the late 1970’s as a concrete construction company mainly constructing large commercial development.  as the concrete industry progressed, cole & sons did as well.  the company has become one of the leading high end decorative concrete masons in the area.  today, the company is focused in a new direction creating custom furniture, sculpture, and memorial pieces from concrete, stone, wood, metal and glass. 

andy began working with cole & sons in the mid 90's during the summers and weekends.  he is a 2010 graduate of purdue university’s landscape architecture program.  through his degree he is able to offer design and drafting services to coincide with engineering, fabricating and constructing the products.

cole and sons inc

custom furniture design and fabrication

P       R        O        C        E        S        S        .


we start with an idea or need; whether that be a client’s need or our own.  this creates the foundation and reason for a project.  during the design phase, rough sketches and conceptual drawings are produced and materials are discussed.  this is the ‘freedom’ stage of the project, the product is essentially limited only by imagination.

the next step is probably the most important.  conceptual drawings and refined shop drawings are produced.  in other words, we figure out “how” we will produce the product.

from here, prototypes may be built for client review, materials are gathered, and a ‘project’ becomes a ‘product.’


dave started cole and sons in the late 70’s, only those days it was known as cole concrete construction.  through the years the business has grown and downsized multiple times but has always remained successful.  the company changed its name during the 90s to cole & sons incorporated and remains a strong competitor today.